Hakone, Japan

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Hakone, one of the most popular travel destinations in Japan. The major attractions of Hakone include Lake Ashi, Owakudani, Hakone Shrine, Hakone Tozan Railway and Hot Springs.

When you are planning to visit Hakone, you should have to purchase the Hakone Free Pass to enjoy the special ticket privileges of visiting Hakone. It is a free pass consists of unlimited usage of the Hakone Tozan Railways, sightseeing ships on Lake Ashi, a round trip transportation from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Odawara(Hakone), Hakone Ropeway, Cable Car and various buses in the Hakone areas.

Take the priate-boat decorated sightseeing ships to enjoy 20mins beautiful scenery of Lake Ashi and surrounding mountains. You can also appreciate the distant view of Hakone Shrine at the adjacent shore and the snow-white mountain top of Mt. Fuji.


Hakone Shrine is a majestic architecture holding the acknowledged Japan symbol. The Shrine was painted in a bright-red color revealing the strong Japan Kingdom nationality.

You must be fascinated by the magnificent nature creations along the track of the Hakone Tozen Railway. Cherry blossoms in Spring, greeny leaves dressed up trees in May, colourful flourishing flowers in Summer, red and brown leaves covered the mountains in Autumn and snowy white in Winter.

Sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced on a walk in Owakudani. Have Black Eggs boiled in the hot springs have the function of extending human's life by seven years. You can smell the strong sulfurous and watch the milky vapour floating from the eruption ground.




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